” As I was travelling from Serbia to Athens, I only got to spend one day wandering around the streets of Belgrade; here is a selection of photos…”

In a rural part of Northern Serbia we excavated the Bronze-Age site at Idjos, Serbia. This article documents the first leg of my three-part travel/research trip; featuring photography, archaeology, the people I met and their stories… (READ MORE)

In February 2015, I was invited by Patricia Gonsalves, Archery Technician on DC’s ‘ARROW’ and director of Lykopis School of Archery, to come to Vancouver and give a guest lecture and workshop on Viking archery and Bowmaking… (Read)

In 2015 we, the crew at the Lofotr Viking Museum entered ‘Lofotr’ our replica Gokstad Viking ship in the Vestfjord Sailing Regatta? Read about my last adventure above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway: “On the 26th of June, 2015, we set off from the harbour of Ballstad…” (Read More)

‘I stood outside the barn and with both hands, pressed against its enormous red doors; READ MORE…

Recreating Ancient Atmospheres in the Chieftain’s Longhouse at Borg Northern Norway (read more)…