About Stephen Fox

“Every artefact has a story, but behind each one, there is the story of discovery”.


ArchaeoFoxExploring the World Through the Past is simply an Archaeological research/travel blog. Through the course of his PhD at UCD School of Archaeology, Stephen will use this blog to share his research over the next five years through photography, descriptive articles and videos.

Since completing his BA and MA at University College Dublin, Archaeology has taken Stephen to many unusual and fascinating places; to the Bronze-Age palaces of the Mediterranean; sites throughout Europe, from to the Palaeolithic to Early Iron-Age; across the Alps of Northern Italy; to the museums, lakes and woodlands of Canada and North American. More recently, he has spent time at the Lofotr Viking Museum in Northern Norway, practising his skills as a primitive technologist and bow-maker, teaching experimental archaeology and sailing Viking longships high above the Arctic Circle.

Archaeology tells us about the past through artefacts. However, on his travels, he has learned that his experiences; the people he meets and the stories he makes are, in a way, like artefacts themselves.

Which too, must be preserved.

It is through this love of travel and the preservation of stories that ArchaeoFox.com was born. With it, Stephen will explore the world through the past, and share it with all who wish to follow.

Thank you for stopping by and for being a part of this growing journey!

Stephen Fox


Experience and Academic Achievements

(Present) Archery Technician Assistant on The CW’s ARROWFLASH and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Vancouver Film Studios

(Oct 2017) Awarded an Irish Research Council Scholarship (Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship)

(Sep 2015 – Present) PhD in Experimental Archaeology – Researcher (Current Position) under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield & Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan – University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

(Feb – Aug 2016) Research Consultant, National Geographic Studios (Concept Development/Experimental Archaeology and Primitive Technology Consultant).

(Feb 2016) Archery Technician’s Assistant CW’s ARROW, Vancouver Film Studios

(May – August 2014 & April – September 2015) Experimental Archaeologist, Hand-Crafter (Traditional Bow-making) and Sailor at the Lofotr Viking Museum, Lofoten, Norway.

(April – May 2013) Awarded the IIHSA Travel Bursary from the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies in Athens for one month of research in the British School at Athens and the National Archaeology Museum of Athens

(Sep 2012-2013) MA in Experimental and Prehistoric Archaeology under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland – first class honours (1.1).

(June – August 2013) Volunteer Crafter and Trainee Survival Instructor at the Aillwee Cave, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare Ireland

(Sep 2009-2012)BA, Single Major in Archaeology under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield. Minor in Philosophy and History –  University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland, – first class honours (1.1).

8 Comments on “About Stephen Fox

  1. hello, looks like we might have some common interests. don’t kow how much you read of our blog. in answer to your question of the other day, i make a lot of different things, mostly out of wood, over the last few years, a lot of different building materials, whilst designing, manufacturing and building our timber framed house here in the mountains of portugal. (most of the house has been made from materials that are on site, stone, and wood from the trees) but prior to that was living in the north woods of nor’n ont. with anishinabe friends, where i built a birchbark canoe amongst other things. have a real interest in bow making, and would like to know more about your bows, like where your designs come from? what woods you use? what sort of draw weights you get, and what they are like, what they feel like to loose arrows from, how much they feel like shooting into the past? maybe you could drop us a mail? thanks rick.


  2. I see you have been to Greece and I note you have studied the bronze age .I guess you must know Knossos and heard of Arthur Evans excavations and his discovery of the Ancient Mycenaean Linear B Tablets .I am at the moment learning how to translate those related to Military affairs which involves Swords and chariots. Your blog is excellent so I will follow you. Thanks for sharing your travels and interesting posts.


    • Funny you should mention that. It’s very nice to meet you I shall follow you back! While I like adventuring and making medieval things, The Bronze Age in Greece is my PhD topic, and main area of interest. I know Even’s material well, and will be searching Linear B quite soon for references tool tools and wood work . I hunk we can be of use to each other 🙂


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