About Stephen Fox

“Every artefact has a story, but behind each one, there is the story of discovery”.

About the Blog

ArchaeoFoxExploring the World Through the Past is simply an Archaeological research/adventure blog. While undergoing a PhD at UCD School of Archaeology, Stephen will use this blog to share his research over the next four years through photography, descriptive articles and video production.

Since completing his BA and MA at University College Dublin, Archaeology has taken Stephen to many unusual and fascinating places; to the Bronze-Age palaces of the Mediterranean; sites throughout Europe, from to the Palaeolithic to Early Iron-Age; across the Alps of Northern Italy; to the museums, lakes and woodlands of Canada and North American. More recently, he has spent time at the Lofotr Viking Museum in Northern Norway, practising his skills as a primitive technologist and bow-maker, teaching experimental archaeology and sailing Viking longships high above the Arctic Circle.

Archaeology tells us about the past through artefacts. However, on his travels, he has learned that his experiences; the people he meets and the stories he makes are, in a way, like artefacts themselves.

Which too, must be preserved.

For this reason, ArchaeoFox.com was made. With it, Stephen will experience the earth through the past, and share it with the world.

Since returning, from his position at the ‘Lofotr Viking Museum’ in Northern Norway, Stephen has started his Phd at the School of Archaeology, University College Dublin. In a collection of detailed articles, for the next 4 years, this website will cover the various stages of his research; Where his ideas come from, the various projects he will complete during his time at UCD, the places he travels to and the stories he creates along the way.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this growing project.

Stephen Fox


Experience and Academic Achievements


(Sep 2015 – Present) PhD in Experimental Archaeology – Researcher (Current Position) under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield & Prof. Aidan O’Sullivan – University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

(Feb – Aug 2016) Research Consultant, National Geographic Studios (Concept Development/Experimental Archaeology and Primitive Technologies).

(Feb 2016) Assistant Archery Technician CW’s ARROW, Vancouver Film Studios

(April – September 2015) Experimental Archaeologist, Hand-Crafter (Traditional Bow-making) and Sailor at the Lofotr Viking Museum, Lofoten, Norway.

(May – August 2014) Experimental Archaeologist & Hand-crafter (Traditional Bow-making) at the Lofotr Viking Museum, Lofoten, Norway.

(April – May 2013) Awarded the IIHSA Travel Bursary from the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies in Athens for one month of research in the British School at Athens and the National Archaeology Museum of Athens

(June – August 2013) Volunteer Crafter at the WolfTracks School Of Woodland Crafts and Wilderness Survival, Aillwee Cave
Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare Ireland

(Sep 2012-2013) MA in Experimental and Prehistoric Archaeology under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland – first class honours (1.1).

(Sep 2009-2012)BA, Single Major in Archaeology under the supervision of Dr. Alan Peatfield. Minor in Philosophy and History –  University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland, – first class honours (1.1).


About Stephen

In what is currently the world’s only university based research facility dedicated to Experimental Archaeology, Stephen Fox has been trained in a variety of ancient technologies and techniques in public engagement, lecturing teaching. In his current position as a PhD scholar at UCD School of Archaeology, Stephen uses these skills to teach Experimental Archaeology as well as to explore ancient technologies as part of his own research; Including woodworking with stone and metal tools, bow making and exploring craftsmanship in the prehistoric, Bronze-Age and Early Medieval worlds.